Primary Docking Bay

Welcome on board of the Imperial class Star Destroyer Virulent. I am Admiral Wulfman's personal protocol druid "Goldi" and I can show you a few unrestricted places on board of this mighty ship. The ISD Virulent is under the Command of Imperial Order Flight Officer Admiral Wulfman. You may use the ship turbo lift to visit the bridge, our Tie Squadrons, the offices, or use the next shuttle to another location in Imperial Order space.

If you have any questions about Admiral Wulfman I can answwer feel free to ask.


Transports or Shuttles leaving the ISD Virulent soon ...
Convoy to Imperial Order
Visit the main administration of Imperial Order in Ryloth System. 
Shuttle to our Escort Frigate Diamond Visit one of our escort ships.
Shuttle to the Imperial Order Training Platform Tigris in Ryloth System.
Visit our training Platform and sign in to the Imperial Order
This Imperial Order Tour Stop Owned by AD Wulfman
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Some pictures are borrowed from SWMA - Thank you